By improving medication adherence, PresentCare
cost-effectively fosters wellness across the healthcare spectrum by:

  • Preventing disease complications

  • Reducing overall medical costs

  • Reducing medication errors

  • Preventing hospital admissions & readmissions

  • Preventing emergency room visits

  • Ensuring care coordination

  • Empowering patients to take an active role in their healthcare

  • Ensuring client satisfaction

  • Helping patients maintain healthier lifestyles

  • Ensuring patient satisfaction

  • Prolonging independent living for patients

  • Fostering peace-of-mind for family members

Quick Facts about Medication non-compliance*

  • Approximately 125,000 people with treatable ailments die each year in the USA because they do not take their medication properly

  • Approximately 20% of patients take other people's medicines

  • Approximately one fourth of all nursing home admissions are related to improper self administration of medicine

  • Hospital costs due to patient
    non-compliance are estimated at $8.5 billion annually

  • 60% of all patients cannot identify their own medications

  • 40% of all patients ignore or compromise medication instructions

  • Source: * FABAD J. Pharm. Sci., 28, 207-214, 2003 SCIENTIFIC REVIEW

Medication Adherence

An electronic pill box that is connected to a full-service monitoring system that is operational 24/7. The box transmits alerts to the PresentCare coordination staff when medications are missed or taken at the wrong time.

PresentCare integrates a Comprehensive IVR, Human outreach and an electronic pill box to provide a single vendor solution for total population management. In managing the total population, it is key to identify the outreach that each segment of the population will respond to. The electronic pill box is a valuable feature in many segments of the population such as home bound patients, complex medication regimens, behavioral health, transplants, HIV/AIDS and discharge planning programs. The unique capability and monitoring data allow PresentCare to demonstrate adherence reporting and provide valuable data for program outcome reporting.

PresentCare provides a unique blend of technology and the full-service support network needed to continuously reinforce medication adherence using a variety of visual and auditory alerts. Utilizing both technology and the human touch, it can best be described as a care management outreach and monitoring program targeting medication adherence and can be a care manager's most valuable tool. Approximately half of the 1.8 billion prescriptions dispensed annually are not taken correctly, contributing to prolonged and compounded illnesses. PresentCare can help ensure individual patient medication adherence is improved while medical costs are decreased.

With PresentCare, health plans and care managers can:

  • Dramatically improve the rate of medication compliance

  • Cost effectively monitor large disease populations

  • Experience a strong return on investment

  • Realize significant productivity and cost savings in terms of staffing and patient tracking

Private and public health plans can utilize PresentCare's outreach services for many types of program initiatives including:

Wellness Programs

Our outreach services target medication adherence with reminder calls to encourage taking medications as ordered.

Disease and Care Management Strategies

PresentCare's medication adherence strategies can work with existing disease and care management programs to help improve health and reduce costs by ensuring the medication regimen is followed, which is so vitally important in realizing positive disease management outcomes.

Member Incentive Programs

PresentCare can work to institute an incentive program aimed at improving medication adherence-rewarding participants for following their medication schedule and helping to change their overall behavior.


Commercial health plans and government healthcare organizations have the most at stake with regard to medication non-compliance, both in terms of medical expenditures and care quality metrics. In turn, payers have the most to gain by implementing PresentCare as a plan-wide medication adherence solution. Our services can help to improve the success of population-specific disease management programs and significantly decrease payer financial liability.


A study of 137,277 diabetes and hypercholesterolemia patients under age 65 showed that a high level of medication adherence was associated with lower disease-related medical costs. Higher medication costs were more than offset by medical cost reductions, producing a net reduction in overall healthcare costs. In addition, hospitalization rates were significantly lower for patients with high medication adherence.

Medical care (Med Care), published in United States. (Language: eng)
Reference: 2005-Jun; vol 43 (issue 6)
Case Managers
Case management, disease management and wellness teams currently rely on labor-intensive and costly intervention programs to improve medication compliance. With PresentCare's remote patient monitoring and support, the disease progression can be slowed, improving the overall quality of healthcare and reducing medical cost trend. Preventing disease complications, readmission and emergency room avoidance, and promoting wellness are all highly desirable outcomes.